• 20-In-1 Games Table - Including All Accessories

    20-In-1 Games Table - Including All Accessories Buy Now at Amazon

    With twenty games in one beautiful wooden table where all the games store away in the table there always be one game the whole family want to play games include table football, pool, table tennis, skittles, ring toss, dominoes, chess, shuffleboard, backgammon, magnetic darts, knock hockey, horseshoe, playing cards, glide hockey, magnetic American Football, pickup sticks, marbles, chequers, poker dice & tic-tac-toe.

    All the accessories needed for each game are included with the games table for ping pong (table tennis) two bats and balls are included and for chess all the chess pieces are included, the games table that you want to use is simply put at the top of the pile above the other games table tops and you can start to play, then when you want to change game, simply put the games table you want at the top.