• Acorn Swing With Quad Pod Swing Seat

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    This swing set is designed to grow with your child, it's designed to adjust to different sizes from a baby thought to a toddler thought to a child and teenager so the swing will always exactly and safely fit your child.

    The swing comes with two different size frames so as your child grows from a baby into a toddler and then a child you can change the wooden frame to the bigger size, also four different seats are available which are deigned to fit your child safely from baby through to toddler, child and teen.

    As a baby the swing seat holds your child safely in a harness so you can gently swing them back and forth and as they grow into a toddler and too big for the full harness you can slowly remove some of the restraints of the swing seat until as a teenager they are swinging on a normal swing seat without any separate harness or restrictions, the swing is a classic wooden swing.