• Almond Blossom Doll's House

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    A little girls dolls house in beautiful pink, the roof of the dolls house lifts off to reveal an attic room inside, there are bookshelves on the walls and paintings too with six rooms to explore, a staircase, shutters on the windows that open and close and a opening and closing front door.

    Just perfect for your little girl to play with dollies and teddies in their very own dolls house, its fees standing on the floor or a table top and completely safe contained, there's extra furniture available if you want chairs, tables, sofa's and kitchen equipment as well, and when the dolls house is not in use the pink roof fits back on and the dolls hose is compact without taking up extra room.

    It's a full size dolls house that would certainly make a wonderfully big present all wrapper up for a birthday or Christmas.