• Book Caddy

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    Do you have children's books and magazines sprawled all over the floor then get this book caddy and keep all their books and magazines tidy, it store lots of books over six shelves and yet is completely portable and takes up hardly any room, if you don';t have bookshelves in your kids room or just want something that's portable then this book caddy is ideal.

    The book caddy stores any size of book as the top of the book caddy is open so those difficult to store magazines, encyclopaedias or children's books that are always in non standard sizes will easily fit and because the book caddy is open you can easily see the front of the book so children can see the picture on the front which is how children choose what book to read by looking at the front picture, with a conventional bookshelf children will want to take all the books off the bookshelf to see the front first.