• Classic Metal Pedal Trike - Red

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    A beautiful red tricycle for your little girl and boy with an all metal frame that's been painted in bright firer engine red, there's chrome plated handlebars which are silver in colour and sparkle and red rubber hand grips for little hands to hold the pedals are white plastic and provide a brilliant contrast to the rich red of the tricycles frame, the pedals are connected via chrome plated metal parts and the safety spokes on the wheels are white in colour with thick black rubber wheels.

    The large seat is contoured to provide a good non-slip fit and rises up at the back to hold your child on the seat better, at the back of the red seat is a hand hold so parents can carry the tricycle by picking the trike up by the seat and also to run and catch the tricycle if your little boy or girl is cycling off too fast, there's a parent pole at the back which is easily detachable without any tools which allows parents to both steer the tricycle and push whilst your children enjoy the ride and don't need to pedal.