• Columbus 'Spare Bed' Truckle Drawer

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    A traditional solid wood oak truckle drawer which fits under your bed to provide either extra storage space for storing the kids toys and games or you can put a mattress in the truckle drawer for a pull out bed for guests.

    If your child wants to invite a friend for a sleepover, especially if its turning into a regular occurrence it's nice to have a quality guest bed for them and that's exactly what you get with the truckle drawer, pull the truckle drawer out from under the bed, it's easy as the truckle drawer runs on castors that will easily roll over wooden floors, carpets or rugs and then juts add a duvet or bed sheets and you have an instant bed, a bed which is right next to your child so the kids won't feel separated on their sleepover but they will all have their own beds.