• Columbus Underbed Storage Drawer - Set of 2

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    A traditional solid wood oak storage drawer for under your bed, the oak drawers are natural oak wood inn colour where you can clearly see the beautiful wood grain, there's easy hand holds cut into the top of the drawers to make pulling out and closing the drawers easy and with castors at the bottom of the drawers so that the drawers will easily open on wooden floors, carpets and rugs you have a very easy to use under bed storage system that will give you extra storage space without taking up any room in your bedroom.

    There's two separate drawers so you can store clothes and toys and because your using what was previously unused space that could not be used your making use of space rather than taking up space in your room, these under bed drawers are delivered fully assembled so there is no assembly to do when they are delivered and you can start using the storage drawers straight away.