• Daisy Chain Rug - Large

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    This large floor rug is light blue in colour with a tufted appearance and a darker blue border, inside the border are lots of white daisy flowers with pink, purple, red and blue flowers which brightens up any room.

    Use this floor rug in your hall to keep feet, hands and bottoms warm whilst putting on or taking off your shoes and use the floor rug in the children's bedroom for playing on with their toys as its a big rug with lots of room for several children and their toys and if your floors are cold because they are wooden or the house is draughty then hands, feet and bottoms will stay warm whilst playing on the floor rug.

    Roll the floor rug up and take it with you in the car if you know you are going to be changing baby in someone else's house or just want to let baby crawl on the floor where friends and hotels floors may not always be as clean as you would like baby and children can play on this lovely floor mat instead.