• Genius 'SurroundSafe' Trampoline - 10ft

    Genius 'SurroundSafe' Trampoline - 10ft Buy Now at Amazon

    A safe trampoline that can be used by the whole family out in the garden, this trampoline is ten feet in diameter with more than enough room for both adults and children to bounce.

    Included with the trampoline is a trampoline ladder so smaller children can easily get on or off the trampoline as well as a shoe rack for storing your shoes whilst your bouncing on the trampoline and a weather cover to protect your trampoline so you can leave it outside all year round come rain, snow or sunshine.

    What sets this trampoline apart from other trampolines and makes this a very safe trampoline is that the SurroundSafe netting inside the trampoline completely surrounds you and prevents you or your children from coming into contact with any metal parts or anything sharp or dangerous, if you fall against the wall inside the trampoline you are falling onto a bouncy wall netting there are no hard parts inside the trampoline for anyone to hurt themselves on.