• Genius 'SurroundSafe' Trampoline - 12ft

    Genius 'SurroundSafe' Trampoline - 12ft Buy Now at Amazon

    A large twelve foot trampoline that's big enough for the whole family to use together, this garden trampoline includes a weatherproof cover so you can leave the trampoline in the garden over the winter months and a trampoline ladder is also included so smaller children can easily climb in or out of the trampoline.

    This is one of the safest trampolines available because it uses the SurroundSafe system this is a strong wall netting over the inside of the trampoline, if you fall or bounce onto the strong wall netting you won't hurt yourself because the wall netting separates you from any metal parts of the trampoline so once in the trampoline there's nothing you can hurt yourself on.

    Also included is a shoe rack for convenient storage of everyone's shoes whilst your all bouncing on the trampoline.