• Islander Chest of Drawers

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    A large chest of drawers with three drawers, wooden handles and finished in white with an easy to clean finish that won't mark easily, use the three drawers for storing children's cloths such as pants, socks, tshirts, shirts, blouse's, trousers or skirts, you can even put toys in the drawers as they are long and deep drawers.

    The legs of the chest of drawers are short so the chest of drawers has excellent stability and won't topple over when you open all the drawers at once like some chest of drawers that are available, each drawer has easy glide wooden runners and a safety stop so the drawer won't fall out of the chest even when the drawer is fully opened so the drawer can't fall on your child and potentially cause injury. Delivered fully assembled so there is absolutely no assembly to do at home and you can start using the chest of drawers as soon as it is delivered.