• London Town Wall Shelf

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    A bookshelf for the wall or free standing on a desk or floor, the bookshelf has fixed ends (book ends) so books won't fall of the end of the bookshelf and there's a wide shelf which runs down the centre of the bookshelf so you can store books on the lower shelf or the upper shelf, the upper shelf has an open top so any height book can be stored on the bookshelf which is ideal for children's books which are often a lot taller than other books.

    The bookshelf is painted with pictures from London including a red double decker bus on the side and on the back wall of the bookshelf made to look like the bus is driving along on the bookshelf, there's also a London taxi cab driving along the shelves and a picture of Saint Paul's Cathedral, Big Ben, the Millennium Wheel and the Gherkin building.