• Northcote Adjustable Shelf Unit

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    A white bookshelf unit that can be screwed to the walk or used free standing on the floor or on a table top, it's ideal for both a boys and a girls room as it features a unisex design, the bookshelf has two shelves and can store lots of books, the bookshelf has built up sides (book ends) so no books will fall off the shelves, as well as books you can store toys and games on the shelves or folded clothes like shirts, trousers, blouses, skirts, tshirts,k pants and socks.

    The advantage of storing clothe, toys or books on these wall shelves is that your not losing space in your child's bedroom as the wall shelves make use of unused wall space that would otherwise be wasted, the shelving units can be interconnected with storage boxes, toy boxes, drawers and many other items from the Northcote range which simply click together.