• Solar System Duvet Cover Set

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    A children's duvet cover and pillow case set for a single bed, the set is blue with a red and orange rocket on the pillow and the solar system illustrated on the duvet cover, all the plants in our solar system are drawn and their representative distances from each other and positioning relative to each other are also shown, your see all the plants like the Earth, Moon, Sun, Jupiter, Venus, Mars, Pluto and more it's got to be the most educational duvet cover you can buy.

    The solar system is not printed onto the duvet cover it's appliqu├ęd that's a special technique where individual pieces of fabric are stitched onto the duvet cover to build a collage if you will of different fabrics it certainly looks very elegant and is much nicer than a print, suitable for a boys or girls bedroom who's interested in science fiction or science.